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Gerry Fisher

Thanks to Carol Hayes Carrino for providing the following information about Gerry Fisher who passed away on November 12, 2018 after surgery for esophageal cancer. Gerry was a great guy and I think most of our class knew him.

"Fisher lived in Warrington . His family moved to Doylestown after he’d graduated from Titus Elementary School..He’d worked for a dry cleaner & Bell Telephone in Doylestown, and served in the military ( Army, I think, but am not certain.He was an electrician and had his own business until he’d retired. . He enjoyed fixing things, collecting & restoring cars, fishing and boating.He kept a motorboat in Camden and lived in a West Philadelphia. He was the sole survivor of his family, his brother having tragically died in a car accident. As he aged Gerry preferred to be called “Fisher”. He looked like Clint Eastwood and he’d honed his sardonic humor. He will be missed! He was either an atheist or agnostic. There will be no service or memorial as per his former wife. - He’d promised to let me know if he’d not survived the surgery - “ So you won’t have to read about it in the Class of 63 Obituaries “(typical Fisher humor!) I don’t recall her name, but his former wife’s telephone # is 215-477-2264.. i’d Asked her for permission to share the news. it’s been hard on her - They’d divorced years ago but they lived in separate houses on the same West Philadelphia property. She had remarried & had been widowed. (He’d said he’d given her the larger house when she’d married, & he’d taken the smaller one she’d been living in previous to her re-marrying). He was the caretaker for their properties, he’d explained to me, & they had shared a large dog until it’s death. He’d told me most of this about 6 years ago? Faith Bickley & I had seen him for lunch after Faith was guest preaching @ a church in Bala Cynwyd & Fisher & had attended her service." 

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11/18/18 10:20 PM #3    

Mimi Glenn (Smith-Danielson)

Thoughts of Peace and blessings for Gerry. I fondly remember this kind and funny classmate. Always a smile paired with kindness. Honor for his service and fortitude in Viet Nam, and so glad he made it back home from that nasty conflict to have a family and life back home. He left us all too soon.


11/18/18 11:02 PM #4    

Raymond Fox

I feel very sad to hear the news of Gerrys death. I sat next to him in several classes. He was always fun to talk to and with his humor would brighten my day. Ray Fox

11/19/18 02:33 PM #5    

Jim Jourdan

My short term, intermediate, and long term memory are problematic, however I recall Jerry once telling me he broadcast a radio signal from his home that drove his neighbors wild.  He would say Good morning folks, I'm currently eating a bowl of Rice Krispies...and go on and on.  That cracked me up.  Good guy, Jerry.

11/19/18 05:54 PM #6    

Doris Wolford (Krondon)

Tjhank you Carol for telling us about Gerry.  He also worked briefly for the County Theater and once gave me a backstage tour of it. He and his sense of humor will be missed.  May he rest in peace.

11/20/18 08:37 AM #7    

Michael Mullock

Thank you Carol. A couple of years ago, Gerry sent me a kind message suggesting our paths must have crossed several times as our proximity to each other's homes. It is sad that I didn't cross it once more and have now missed the chance to do so.

Hearing about Gerry passing,  I am reminded of the last lines from "Biloxi Blues" .

Matthew Broderick ends "Biloxi Blues" with this soliloquy:

"As I look back now, a lot of years later, I realize that my time in the Army was the happiest time of my life. God knows not because I like the Army, and there sure was nothing to like about a war. I liked it for the most selfish reason of all, because I was young. We all were, me and Epstein and Wykowski, Selridge, Carney, Hennesey and even Sergeant Toomey. I didn't really like most of those guys then, but today I love every damn one of them. Life is weird, you know."

We were all young weren't we?



11/20/18 09:00 AM #8    

Linda Bland (Matthews)

Very sad that Gerry would be remembered as a hero more in death than in life.  But, he was indeed a hero.  Like so many combat veterans, he refused to look upon himself as a hero, so he did not talk about his experiences.  Gerry, you my hero, you are our hero!!

11/26/18 10:59 AM #9    

John Fulmer

Gerry, we miss you.  I knew Gerry from the County Theater, CBHS, Camp Ocanickon, and several meetings after the fortieth class reunion.  Whenever I think of Gerry, two memories in particular stand.  When we were on the staff together at Camp Ockanickon, Gerry arranged with an area sandwich shop to purchase (underage) beer.  In those days we had steel cans with no flip tops, so when Gerry would go in to pick up our special order, he would always tell the clerk:  "Don't forget the hoagie opener!"  Much later in life, he invitred me to his Philadelphia home to buy a 1956 Jaguar Roadster he was renovating.  Gerry invited my whole family and entertained us wonderfully.  He was living in what I guess had been a carriage house for the estate, and he had done it up in an Ed's Diner motife with booths and the little juke boxes at the table.  The whole place was sylish, and my wife and daughter were much impressed.  Of course, what my son was impressed with was the car and to this day he tells me I should have bought it.  BUT, when I saw it, Gerry had it completely taken down -- every bolt, piece, and attachmentr was either on the floor or in the trunch of the car.  Gerry's only comment was "Some assembly required."  Gerry I now wish I hasd bought it and that we could have made a few road trips in it together.  Rest well, treasured friend.

11/27/18 09:58 AM #10    

Suzanne Sutton

My thoughts of Gerry always wander to his great sense of humor,  seeing him running the lights backstage and the Nash Metropolitan!  

11/27/18 12:06 PM #11    

Ellen Deater (Burns)

I think of you, Gerry, every time I hear "Handyman" (Del Shannon) on the (very) Oldies station... Orange soda and vodka. Hope you are drinking something better now. Thanks for the memories.

08/23/23 10:55 AM #12    

Elizabeth Camp (Miller)

So sad to hear of Gerry's passing.we went together in high school but really only had two dates. We met when we were at Lenape Jr. High introduced by Karen Biddle. Soon after we met he was attending a Boy Scot Jamboree and burned his face when some Chicken a la King splashed up I'm his face.
The last time I talked to him I thought I might attend our class reunion. He sent me some great pictures. Pictures of him and his dog 🐕 ❤️. Later about his dog passing. Pictures of him on ship going to Viet Nam. And pictures of him on his nice boat.Still have a letter from Jr. High Puppy Love LOL
Rest in Peace Dear ❤️ Heart.

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