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William Gommel

I received notification of Bill's passing. He died in November 2020. He had been residing at the Greenleaf Nursing & Rehab center in Doylestown for several years. If anyone has an obituary notice please send it to me and I will post it on our website. I remember Bill from homeroom. He was a quiet guy; don't remember him getting involved in any activities. He became a pilot and ran a small airport near Ottsville, PA.

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12/03/20 02:34 PM #8    

John Fulmer

Sorry to see another Doylestown Boro student leave us.  Butch had a great attitude and outlook on life despite his tragic experience at the town dump fire.  One of my best memories is going the Doyleston Hobby Shop with him to buy flesh colored paint to touch up his wooden hand.  When thev shopkeeper asked what shade he had in mind, he held up his artificial hand and simply said something to match this!  He never complained  about his handicap and never let it hold him back.  RIP my friend.

12/03/20 06:36 PM #9    

Carol Lynn Hayes (Carrino)

I don't remember what class or home room I sat next to Bill, but he was memorable for his great sense of humor. I admired that he didn't let misfortune overcome his ability to challenge life and have a good time. May he rest in well-deserved peace.

12/03/20 07:46 PM #10    

Peggy Bramble (Robinson)

I remember Bill from either grade school or Junior High--he was always such a nice person!!  May he Rest In Peace!


12/04/20 07:44 AM #11    

Robin Heller (Robin Heller)

Bill waited, with several of us, for school to begin in the high school cafeteria.  One day a guy heckled Bill and aggravated him.  He wouldn't let it go.  With his pliers-like hook hand, he grabbed the heckler's ear lobe and slammed his face down on the cafeteria table to the cheers of a bunch of us.... Years later Bill became known in these parts as Rommel-Gommel.... Fond memories - Good friend - God bless those close to him.

12/04/20 12:05 PM #12    

Ronald Moritz

I am sure that Bill would be pleased to see so many classmates say great things about him. This has been a terrible year for all of us and to see so many classmates care about someone else is very uplifting. Thanks to all for taking the time to share a memory of Bill.

12/04/20 06:02 PM #13    

Mimi Glenn (Smith-Danielson)

Bill Gommel was a wonderful classmate, a calm pleasant guy with a good sense of humor. I have an extensive article (April 19, 1989) about his piloting, and 'pipeline patrol business', covering large swaths of Pennsylania and the East coast. It's an awesome read. I am privileged to have been his classmate and certainly impressed with the aviation inspiration that filled his life. Rest in Peace Bill, and blessings to his family.

12/05/20 11:22 AM #14    

Odette Butruille (Rossi)

I remember Bill also.  Very quiet but a sweet person.  Had no idea Betty Minucci was his sister.  I am very familiar with her work.  Take care my friend and rest in peace.

12/05/20 07:16 PM #15    

David Corson

My memory of Butch coincides with what others have said. I never knew him as Bill and I think for the most part he was known in school as Butch. I know his mom kept the Doylestown budget in good shape with all the tickets she wrote :-) I  was never a close friend, but it seems like we "townies" from that era form a bond of sorts that keeps us together through the years. 

12/06/20 10:04 AM #16    

Ken Moyer

Well said Peach!  Don't remember exactly what grade we were in at Doylestown Boro elementary when Butch was accidently burnt down at the dump.  But the word spread quickly in school and town.  As I recall he missed the rest of the school year  to recover from his injuries, and joined our class the following year.  I'm just sorry I didn't get to know him better.  To be a respected piolet in spite of his physical handicaps is remarkable.

Ken Moyer

12/06/20 03:17 PM #17    

Linda Bowman (Reinhardt)

I remember Bill fondly. We were neighbors for awhile and attended the Boro School, Lenape and Central Bucks together. Sorry we never got to really know each other very well though. He went through some tough times after the fire; but came out on top because he never let it stop him and accomplished many wonderful things in his life. My condolences to his family. Rest In Peace Bill.

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